Are Bitcoins legal in your country? Here’s Forbes’ comprehensive list of national stances.


Forbes’ Kashmir Hill has comprised a list of countries and their tentative stances on Bitcoins. All of the major players appear here

The list can be found here: link to Forbes

Here are a few highlights:

  • Japan: Despite being the home for years to the long-time monster exchange of Bitcoin, Mt. Gox, Japan is silent on the issue.
  • New Zealand: Kiwis are all good with Bitcoin as long as it is not turned into a physical note or coin.
  • Nicaragua: American banker, Greg Simon, recently bought a 1,200-square-meter plot of land in San Juán del Sur, one of the most important tourist areas in Nicaragua, for 80 bitcoins, currently the equivalent of about US$72,000.”
  • Russia: Using it to buy things there could be illegal given that the Russian ruble is the exclusive means of payment in the Russian Federation per the law.
  • Taiwan: Has cautioned investors and businesses away from Bitcoin.
  • China: While people there are free to buy and sell it, financial institutions have been warned away.
  • Germany: Has rules for Bitcoin, treating it like a foreign currency
  • Argentina: Although bitcoins are not specifically regulated, they are increasingly being used in Argentina.”
  • U.S.A.: Bitcoin’s future is currently being debated.

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