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Ka-shing! Cashing in on Bitcoin Through Strategic Investment

Ka-shing Cashing in on Bitcoin Through Strategic Investment

The volatility of Bitcoin has lead some investors to shy away from directly acquiring the currency, but it’s promise as a rapid and secure means to transfer value around the world provides a unique opportunity to obtain an early stake in what may be the foundation for the future of global commerce. Some economists including John Greenwood, Chief Economist of Invesco, advise investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin by investing in the infrastructure surrounding the currency rather then by acquiring bitcoins directly.

Greenwood cites Li Ka-shing, Asias wealthiest person (net worth 28.8 billion,) who has invested in Bitpay, a service which makes it easier for merchants to accept bitcoins as payment, comparing the current bitcoin boom to the california gold rush: “Just like investors in days gone by made more money out of selling shovels and picks to gold-diggers than anyone ever made out of the gold mine, [Ka-shing] is investing in the peripheral activity that bitcoin has generated.” Ka-shings investment seems to be paying off, as the number of merchants accepting bitcoin through Bitpay has more then tripled in the last few months.  The graph above shows the number of monthly transactions processed by Bitpay over the last year.

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Bitpay transaction data: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2013/12/02/black-friday-set-a-record-for-bitcoin-commerce-bitpay-says/